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tv   Journal  PBS  April 5, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> welcome to "journal." >> welcome. >> of the headlines for this hour -- in ivory coast, un troops secured the city as laurent gbagbo negotiates his way out. a new leader in german politics -- he says he will become e new deputy chancellor. a new exhibition highlights one of the most spectacular not the war crime trials. -- nazi war crime trials.
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>> we begin in ivory coast where those relative to alassane ouattara they have captured the palace. laurent gbagbo have apparently locked themselves in the bunker, there are rerts gbagbo is negotiating his a surrender. he lost the election last november but still refuses to step down. the international community has recognized ouattara as the president. >> laurent gbagbo has come under increasing pressure after united nations and french troops started targeting his forces. he is said to be hiding in a bunker in his home. after the heavy fighting shook abidjan on friday, the situation was reportedly more, and tuesday. -- more called on tuesday.
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france has been cost trying to persuade gbagbo to give up the fight. >> what we what now is for gbagbo not to resist any further, and if there's a possibility he leaves power today, we are ready for that. >> evidence of the fighting can be seen in many parts of the capital, a dijon. now, the forces for ouattara seemed to have the city under control. they say they have taken the presidential residence and surrounded gbagbo's private home. >> libyan rebels are saying nato is not doing enough and moving too slow. rebels have complained of a falloff in air support while the natives as it has to review its tactics do to the use of human
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shields. the libn gornme says it's open to reforms on one condition -- muammar gaddafi mistake in power. a government spokesperson says gaddafi is the only unifying factor in his absence would turn the country into chaos. the rebels have rejected the offer. >> rebels have been fighting to take over the oil city of brega for a week. nato has destroyed two vehicles but the situation remains chaotic. many are fleeing muammar gaddafi's forces. board than 400,000 people have reportedly left country. some accuse his trips of atrocities. >> there are cutting electricity and water supplies. they thai people up and take away. >> the libyan government denies such charges and says they are
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not targetting civilians. >> we are facing the west and of the whole world to defend a government that kills civilians. >> libyan state tv broadcast these pictures reportedly showing supporters cheering on the convoy. his forced resignation is non- negotiable. >> a fairy has docked in a turkish port with more than 350 people wounded in the fight in libya. most people on the turkish ship our young rebel fighters. many have gunshot wounds. a turkish medical staff has transferred them to hospital by ambulance and -- by ambulance and helicopter. they will remain in turkey until there will again. in yemen, three people have been killed in the capital in fresh clashes between anti-government protestors and troops backing
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the president. demonstrators seeking his removal took to the streets of the capital and elsewhere in the country despite a crackdown that has seen dozens killed and many wounded in recent weeks. the president has reported to attend mediation talks wh the opposition but has spurned calls for him to leave office. in germany, the pro-business fdp party is looking for young people and one person is seeking to fill the role -- that is philipp rosler, the current german health minister. but he has his eye on the job as the next fdp party leader. >> philipp rosler faces a difficult task of leading a fdp out of crisis. if elected, he would be and as leader of the party. he is said to replace the man stepping down after 10 years in the post. for many, the fdp has become
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identified with its goal of lowering taxes. >> credibility on policy issues does not mean we have to create a new program. credibility means -- credibility means we should trust our liberal values. >> he took over as health minister in october of 2009 and failed to deliver on promised reforms. but his image has grown within the party and he is seen as a leader for the future. philipp rosler announced his candidacy after days of wrangling within the party. for now, the only changes at the top. >> the opposition is wrong if they think the fdp has been
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weakened. we will regrowur principles and regain trust. >> the opposition says it's not enough to save the fdp. >> the fdp is making a big mistake if they think it's a personal issue. in the last 10 or 50 years, have developed radical economic policies that have nothing to do with society as a whole. >> he is expected to be elected without opposition at the conference in may. >> we will have more coming up in the show. stay tuned for that. i'm not wearing any gold right now, but i should probably start digging all of my gold out. >> prices are surging again for many commodities. gold prices reached a fresh all- time high on tuesday of $1,450. prices for silver hit their highest levels in more than 30 years. investors are snapping up precious metals as a safe-haven
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investment. reacting to a host of uncertainties, surging oil prices and the prospect of higher inflatiti. the markets are keeping a close eye on portugal which appears to be on the brink of a bailout. portugal will not be able to secure a loan from its european partners without agreeing to an international debt bailout. that warning came after reports the country's biggest banks are going to stop buying government bonds. earlier on tuesday, moody's downgraded portuguese sovereign debt for the second time in less than a month as the country's borrowing costs continue to rise. it is becoming more likely the government will have to seek an international rescue package. european stock markets were cautious ahead of a rate hike on thursday. a rate hike could exacerbate problems in places like greece and ireland by pushing borrowing
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costs even higher. let's take a closer look at tuesday's trading -- the dax breaking even, in frankfurt, gaining nearly 4% and texas instruments buyout of national semiconductor in the u.s.. the euro stocks 50 closing barely into negative territory. in new york, the dow jones industrials closed at 12,393. the euro is trading to $1.42. the central bank in china has raised interest rates in its latest effort to clamp down on inflation. the fourth hike in seventh month pushes the benchmark lending rate to over 6%. china reports on the consumer prices next week. economists expect the data to show inflation rate just above
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5%. food prices alone have jumped by 11%. british authorities have decided to delay the approval of new nuclear power plants for at least three months. they will not take any decisions until after a government report on the fukushima disaster. the energy minister says that allows more time for assessment. the first schedule go on line in 2018. time to go to the world's industrial trade fair -- it's a giant melting pot of engineering, expertise and invention. they are showcasing over 5000 inventions from various industrial sectors. we will look inside the research hall where the inventors of today may become the industrial leaders of tomorrow. >> what is a child's play for humans can be an enormous challenge for machines. a camera captures various parts,
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calculates their size and where they are headed with the aim of moving them as efficiently as possible. >> currently, the systems on the market can take part of a magazine, moving in to one position from another. our system is more flexible and automatically recognizes the parts and puts them in the right position. >> all that is missing is the right customer. two years ago, the company is bankrupt and now he has received an award worth 100,000 euros. they won the award for his innovative spring system that can be used on tile, toys, you name it. instead of pressurized air, it uses steam, saving half the energy cost. drying time is shorter as well. >> we're very excite this week was a completely new experience. we can stand tall globally and
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we're hoping for strong demand and to keep building on the boost we got from the hanover fair. >> for others, the watchword is hope. perhaps at some point, one of their inventions will make it big. >> a german food giant boosted sales last year by 8.7%. sales abroad were especially good and they're confident about their international prospects. known for frozen pizzas and desst, they say they will invest more in america, africa and asia. they are currently building new plants in india and china. >> a thank you. following the controversial decision by france to expel roma from the country, they want to build a friend or to better integrate into european society and give more opportunities. the first step involves making
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sure roma children have a chance that an education. >> they want all roman children to complete primary skills. the average for all children in the european union is 97.5%. the larger goal is to integrate them and ensure jobs and health care and housing. >> we need to join forces and step up our efforts to end the discrimination and make sure they enjoyed the same rights as any other european citizens because they are european citizens. >> all european union member states must put forward their individual proposals aimed at full social and economic integration. rep say the european union must monitor the situation closely. >> if youxpect member states to come with reports, they're
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always successful and very good. >> the european commission has given members stateĆ­ a deadline of the end of the year to t foard eir proposals. >> here in berlin, an exhibition has opened document in the trial 50 years ago of nazi war criminal adolf eichmann. he played a major role in the deportation of jews. >> what is the role of personal blame in a dictatorship? just one of the questions addressed by the exhibition focused on the trial of adolf eichmann 50 years ago. the gray-black walls here are meant to symbolize the many files and folders which helped to convict him back then. his attempt to play the role of victim within the not the system
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failed. -- within the nazi system failed. >> i was simply an instrument control by stronger powers and forces and incomprehensible fe. >> in the trial, victims of the holocaust for the first to take the stand. their recollections of the gruesome acts came in strong contrast -- strong contrast to adolf eichmann possible and to play down his guilt. the trial was a media event that changed the way germans looked at the genocide. >> the ball holocaust was a big issue again. that was an important step toward the social debates we have today on the holocaust germany. >> adolf eichmann was sentenced to death after the trial. he was put to death by hanging.
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>> de un's weather agency has detected a record loss of ozone over the arctic. they said they had seen a 40% depletion in the last few months. it blames the presence of ozone- destroying chemicals and a cold winter in the stratosphere. they warned of an increased threat of sunburn and skin cancer as the area moves away from the pole. now to what is considered the toughest race on earth -- the sand marathon where competitors complete the equivalent of six marathons in six days. to add a little spice, it's held in the sahara desert. athletes have to carry all their food and personal belongings in their backpacks. a spanish woman was the first to
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finish tuesday's stage. just one question -- why? >> it's a challenge. >> that there are other ways to complete challenges,e but who knows? stay dwtv.
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>> welcome back. fdp will soon have a new leader following the resignation of -- if philipp rosler is elected, he wi gern with the german chancellor's christian democrats and will become a deputy to the chancellor. the move is being touted as a generational change. his rise as part of the demise of the incumbent. the man who has run the fdp for years had no choice but to cede power. >> of the german chancellor is on crutches after a knee
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operation, but it was all smiles as she met germany's women's world cup squad at of the tournament. a welcome photo op away from the troubles of coalition government. she can look forward to working more with philipp rosler in government soon. the fdp took a battering in recent elections and the hopes their youthful minister can turn the party's fortunes around. the incumbent is standing down as party leader. his tenure saw the fdp with a record 15% of the national vote to years ago, but support has slipped. he has faced mounting criticism at the p fresh. >> i hope reason returns to the party. this arguing did us no good. we have to realize we can only go forward together, and the young and old must work
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together. >> in recent years, the fdp has focused on economic liberalism to the detriment of the civil rights agenda, some say. divisions have emerged between a group of younger members eager to take control of the party's uture and more established leaders unwilling to relinquish power. tuesday's closed-door talks involving deputies were aimed at finding a compromise. it was fairly clear that philipp rosler would be playing a major role, regardless of the results of the meeting. but reports say he did not get all he wanted. the post of economics minister escaped his grasp. the incumbent refuses to cede his position and a battle with dull shine on a new beginning they are looking for. >> i decided at difficult time for the fdp to take on more
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responsibility in the party and for the party. this is why i have made the decision to stand for that position of the leader of the free democrats. >> the fdp has lined up a new young leader of the rest of the party leadership remains. it is up to philipp rosler t show he has what it takes to turn the party's fortunes around. >> so, who is philipp rosler? he is young and very likely to become the deputy chancellor of germany as well as head of the fdp party. right now, he's a member of the chancellor's cabinet as minister of health. beyond that, he's an unknown figure in the german public's consciousness. we have a look at the man creating this country's latest political buzz. >> putting together a new fdp lineup has been a state in calculated moves with winners
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and losers. the former king has been toppled and is out o othe game. his post looks set to be filled by philipp rosler, 30 years old, and allegros to national promise after being named health minister just a year-and-a-half ago.o. he was a surprise pick in the coalition government. he was born in vietnam and adopted by german parents. he studied to be a doctor and was the economics minister before chosing that -- before being chosen for a cabinet position. he has had limited success in pushing for more free-market elements in the health-care system. he is seen as mild mannered, especially when compared to the incumbent's personality. he will have to find a new issue to win voters. he's likely to have a rough road ahead. what a way to increase his chances of success is putting together a winning team. the party secretary general, the
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32 year-old was considered too young for party leadership even though many would have welcomed them in the top position. the incumbent recognized his future potential. now he will have to back the inexperienced philipp rosler in keeping with his own pledge in that the future fdp will be led by team players. despite rumors of a cabinet reshuffle, last year he was among the most vocal proponents of extending the life span of nuclear reactors. it was a winning decision then, but it is a handicap now. at -- if the fdp possible numbers don't go up, he could be the last to go. it is unclear where fdp is headed. >> i spoke earlier with our political correspondent and began by asking if philipp rosler could help boost the fdp
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's popularity which has fallen drastically over the past few months. >> it is true that the fdp has lost a lot this popularity over the last 18 months. when they entered that coalition with the christian democrats, they were polling about 15% nationally. now there polling about 5%. we a scene public per the support -- we of seen public support dropped by two-thirds and that precipitated this change in leadership. whether philipp rosler can revive the party's fortune remains to be seen. the fdp hos he will but is not clear how he would go about it. >> why is this change at the top support for german politics? >> first of all, it is important in the immediate sense because the fdp weakens the coalition government.
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the chancellor is looking at a coalition partner and sees it in freefall and wondering how is she going to keep her act together in a government or the coalition partner is so weak it may not even be represented in parliament. that brings up the second problem -- out 2 1/2 years from now, the party will face another federal election. if the polls below 5%, they will not be represented problem and cannot be a coalition partner for anyone. >> tell us about how he is perceived as a person. >> philipp rosler is younger, but he has quite a bit of experience within the fdp. he served -- he joined in his team's and has served in lower saxony. he served as health minister for a year-and-a-half. the question is can he assert his authority as the new head of the party when he is sitting
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across the table from the former head of the party who is foreign minister, a position with a lot of clout. philipp rosler will have to come out from behind his office sought as a soft-spoken, charming man and assert his authority as a leader with new ideas. we just do not know what those ideas are at this point. >> is it safe to say the chancellor is happy with this decision because he's not a political player who can contest or threaten her? >> the chancellor will be happy if he succeeds in pulling his party together and giving it a profile that will strengthen it politically. because to the degree he succeeds is strengthening his party, that will strengthen the chancellor's government. >> thank you very much for your assessment. with that, we wrap up "journal" at this ho. ank you for joing us
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